Co-writer and confidant

Not always do we come across someone who can call out your bullshit, continuously push you to do better and be a good friend. When this happens to be your co writer, it makes it even better.

Meet George Kanatt.

I met GK on the sets of Brown Nation. But today if you were to ask me how we started writing together, I have no freaking idea.

GK had gone through his fair share of ups and downs. In 2013 when I was struggling to find someone to read my script and break into cinema, GK had few words of advice.

“Cinema will happen for you. When it does though, will you be ready?”

Hot Damn.

Those words resonated. It helped me believe in myself and more than anything it drove me to learn. Every day. Then and now. He pushed me to dig deeper during Jude and Ranam. Now we are dissecting our past work to keep learning and on writing the next script together. The process is still as much fun today as it was when we started writing together.

Last year amongst all the craziness, GK came to visit me in India. He had seen it all. From script, to Prithvi signing on to the project, to the movie getting funded and then finally the release. He had been there the whole way. He had one simple gesture to say kudos. No big words. No huge celebrations. Just a bottle of Eagle Rare. A single barrel bourbon. Enough said. Friendships reinforced. Boom.

1 thought on “Co-writer and confidant”

  1. Hey i’m an aspiring filmmaker and writer. I believe Ranam Detroit crossing could be made into a netflix TV Series as a spin off. I randomly wrote some notes with different characters and situations yet somewhat similar to Damodar Ratnam and Aadhi. since you’ve been to US, collaborating with you would be a good experience.

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