I am a writer/director based out of Kochi, India and Atlanta, USA. After I finished my first film as a writer of the the Nivin Pauly and Trisha starrer, HEY JUDE, I wanted to connect with viewers on a more personal level. Well, lets just say with RANAM looming in the background, that didn’t happen. But now, finally, post the release and reception of RANAM, I have finally decided its time to write and try to connect on a more personal level.

As a writer, I find inspiration everywhere. Stories move me. The human element connects me. I try to find meaning in the untold and try to understand what has already been said. This blog is my collective thoughts. Here I try to pin down my thoughts and want to have an open discussion.

So here I try to write as I keep my vision and as I continue to write, lets hope the site evolves into something more.