Winter Camping

A month later and finally posting the camping post. Well ok. Two months. I get it. I slacked. But, writing kept me busy. Which is a great excuse for a lot of things. But finally, here, no more excuses. Boom.

This post is going to have a ton of photos. Mainly cause I have to write and write about how amazing and gorgeous everything was and you would never get it cause I could never do it justice and then you blame me for not doing it justice and then I feel like I didn’t do it justice — you get my drift.


We camped. We wanted to take Jules on an outdoor trip. That little puppy was beyond excited. After borrowing all required camping gear and getting some groceries for the trip, we made our way to Cloudland Canyon State Park. Now, remember, this was in the middle of winter. It was freaking freezing. FREEZING. But, I love the cold. Unlike the Sonderman, who hates it. So I guess this is a win for me.

Setting up and Day 1

We get there and, after following the wrong set of instructions from a first time camper, I decided to put my past camping skills to use. When that also didn’t work, I used youtube. Yes. Youtube. The tent was super easy to put up and very comfortable. After a run to get some firewood and 500 gallons of lighter fluid, we had a fire. The park was pretty empty and Jules was in heaven. I almost lost her once. She went on her own trek. I yelled expletives and she finally came back. Phew. Close call. Night time called for hot dogs and s’mores. Is it bad if we ate an ENTIRE bag of hot dogs? Or is that like normal? Let’s pretend it’s normal.

The hike and a mix – Day 1 and Day 2

The next day we hiked. Through a literal canyon. Words mean things. 3 miles straight down a canyon. Beautiful, exhausting, and down right gorgeous. Two amazing waterfalls and a whole lot of gorgeousness (see it’s going to get repetitive). Hiked through slush, wood, leaves, gravel, metal grating, and a whole lot of water.

Something about being out in nature. It calms you. Gives you clarity. Also reminds us how small we are in the grand scheme of things. I wish I didn’t wait so long to go again. But life gets busy. Work waits in front of us. We don’t get time usually for the smaller things in life. But this year, I am going to make it happen more often. Pack a bag, a tent of course (duh) or a go to a cabin. Be out in nature. It does wonders.

Till next time…

Hiking through terrains – Day 2

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