A recap of 2018 and onto 2019

2018. The year I will remember for HEY JUDE and RANAM. The year I met some of the coolest people. The year I told myself it is better to make a polarizing film that is either loved or hated rather than one that stirs a lukewarm response.

The year that I loved, hated, and most of all, the year I grew.

The year started off in Sri Lanka with the wife. Pack your bags and go. Just go. It was amazing.

Visited an elephant sanctuary and Dutch forts and sandy beaches.

Came back to promote and take part in the release of Hey Jude. What a feeling. Thank you Shyam Sir.

Things moved into high gear for Ranam. Dates got pushed multiple times for numerous reasons and a lot of energy was invested. This involved a lot of time in Chennai.

Initially hated Chennai.

Spent significant amount of time with Jakes, Sreejith, and Sachin in Chennai.

Went to more places in Chennai. Ate out a lot in Chennai. Met some cool people in Chennai.

Started to love Chennai. It grows on you. The people, the food, the convenience of a city. All of it.

Figured out no matter how much I learned to love Chennai, Kochi was home.

Got a place in Kochi.

Met cool people from Kochi. Shaheen, Sana, Apoorva, Sharan, Agrim, Aryan, Gayu, Punya, Paawan, Paul, Beena Aunty, Mohsin, Sunoj, Archana, Sreejith, Jenuse, Shekar, Siddique, Geethanjali, Kokaachi, Jaison, Ratheesh, Vipin, Thara. And the list goes on.

Took the metro a lot. Drove again. Ate out way too much in Panampilly Nagar. Mom came to Kochi. Ran away to Palakkad. Came back to Kochi. Fell in love with Kochi. Mission accomplished.

Got a gym membership. Back at it. Found a cool gym partner. I still won’t say your name. Posted this line. Edited this line. Almost got murdered. By his cooler cousin. Reposted. Am still alive.

Cooked a lot. A LOT. Tried to make Kaju Kathli. Failed miserably. Succeeded finally. YES! Why is that the highlight? I dont know. It just is.

Went to Pune. Went to Mumbai. Met some amazing people in Mumbai. Vidhatri, Jeh, Kavan. I love Mumbai. Going to go back. This is for sure.

Then the floods hit. The time of my life where I was glad to be in Kerala and, more than anything, glad to be Malayalee. I was able to help. On the road constantly, helping as many as we could. Met some amazing people. Selfless people. People who love the state. It defined a generation. It defined what it meant to be Malayalee. What it meant to be human. Let’s hope we don’t forget.  Life is fragile.

Also met a lot of people during the floods. Banded together. Team Kochi. Harris, Akku, Vinu, Pooshan, Baiju, Sabeer, Rafeek, Anish, Kannan. Became brothers. Thattukada bros.

Ranam released. I can’t explain this in words. A whirlwind. Lots of good. Lots of bad. Lots of love. Lots of hate. Lots of growth. Now, onto the next bigger thing. Can’t ever thank Prithvi and Supriya enough. So much love for Rahman ekka, Giju, Ashwin, Nanduchettan, Isha, Celine, Arun and Shivajith.

Met uber drivers who became friends. Friends who took me to their homes. Showed me a lot of love. The world is a wonderful place.

Got my teeth fixed. That shit hurt.

Sold the innova. Shopped for cars. Gonna get the next one.

We fostered a dog. Fostering always turns to ownership. We are in love with the dog.

Had a ton of fun photo shoots.

Drove to North Carolina. And Tennessee. Got a ton of snow. Drove in the snow. Played in the snow.

Went to Florida. Saw my uncle’s beach house and gators.

Spent time with the nephews.

Started to brew coffee differently.  No more french press. Only pour overs.

Lived in the new town house for the first time. Felt comfortable. Too comfortable. Writing took a back seat. Explored the nearby trails and the river.

Celebrated birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Jose’s film released. Ente Ummante Peru. Tovino. Jose. Sarath. All friends. What a way to end the year.

Now, the new year. On with life. On with movies. The writing continues. Eighty five pages in.

Let’s do this.

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