Finding the restart button

“A big goal this year is to keep writing on this blog.” Famous last words.

This year I am not setting resolutions. Well, mainly cause I am still trying to finish all my resolutions from last year. With this blog, the whole intent was to write and collaborate with other creatives. Upload talks around filmmaking, music, sound design, editing, and cinematography. To write about all things relevant in the news and around pop culture and mass media. That was the intent.

BUT. That didn’t happen. So a big goal this year is to, first of all, catch up where I left off and then write and publish more. (Stop smirking. It’s going to happen).

To start this process I’ve decided to go through my backlogged folders of pictures and write about my thoughts around the ones that stick out to me. Since I started as a photographer before I worked in film, photos always take me back to my creative foundation.

That being said, the first post for this year is Shyam Sir. Last year I got to meet him a few times and on the last occasion we took a drive out to Ponmudi. A bright and sunny day changed within seconds to a rainy one. Nothing stays the same for long there with the mist and rain. The cloud cover did provide for some amazing photos. That with a subject who loves to give the camera the best poses, I was able to walk away with a few photos which I am sharing here.

1 thought on “Finding the restart button”

  1. Nirmal chetta? I dont know how to easily put in this, but can I work under you while you make movies? All I have ever wanted to do is be involved with movies. Is there any way I can earn my spot to work with you, like you started out with Shyam sir?


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